Exclusive interview with Covid

Wildlife-Reporter: Hello! Hola! Ola! Hallo! Priviet! …We are happy to present you a truly global character, Mr. Covid, who may not be our Top impact nomination for 2020 only, but potentially for the last decade, and beyond! How are you?

Mr. Covid: Hello! Really happy to be here! I appreciate the invite, your home is really cozy so I might stay for a while!

W.R.: Well, we didn’t really invite you, let’s say we were a bit taken by surprise by your visit…

M.C.: Ooh, sorry to hear! But in fact, it is your kind who stepped un-invited into my house first, and disturbed my eventless life, which then led to my unexpected adventure into human world! I was perfectly happy in my natural home, living among different species like forest bats, keeping a low profile…but this is the past! Now my life has a true meaning, your world really allowed me to expand and travel in all corners of the planet, in such record times!

W.R.: Well, don’t get too comfortable…

M.C.: Why not? I am already very comfortable! I have officially met more than 40 million of your kind, unofficially a lot more, I survived the many barriers you put to stop me, I am now preparing a full come-back…I am a truly global force now, impacting your way of life, your society, your economy, your sleep, and even …climate change, they say…everything!

W.R.: And that is the problem! Most people liked their way of life before you showed up…

M.C.: And which way of life was that? The unsustainable one you keep promoting even now? It has no future anyway, with or without me…I am only a consequence of that way of life, not the cause of its (self)destruction!

W.R.: Well, what about a vaccine? Wouldn’t that stop you?

M.C.: Haha! You simply cannot accept the failure of your own system and keep dreaming of a silver bullet to comfortably continue living as before! I am afraid you are missing the point I was trying to make here: your model of living is broken and even an anti-Covid vaccine wont change that. I am just one insignificant option – a simple form of virus – from a very large arsenal of options that planet has and will imminently use if you don’t learn the lesson now! Don’t be so negative when it comes to me, be open-minded, understand the causes that led to this situation and try to improve! Humans have for long time dodged evolution’s challenges, but tough as they may seem, on long-run they only make your species stronger!

W.R.: Well, trying to be positive, I acknowledge something: You managed in a short time to raise awareness of the many issues humans have created to the planet, well better than any NGO or environmentalist could have done. Despite your arrival being anticipated by some, the majority of us today are still in shock and in denial phase, as well as politicians, whereas others may welcome you as you made them richer faster…

M.C.: You see? Perception differs from the point of view…

W.R.: Trump or Biden?

M.C.: Haha! You would think because I have met Trump personally, I may prefer him? It makes no difference to me!  As long as you all don’t change individually from inside, change your social and economic model, your infrastructure, your habits,…, everything, I am here to stay! We will have to learn to live side by side!

W.R.: Will see about that, time will tell! Thank you for the conversation!

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