If you read the headlines today, it is hard to find something positive, and most probably the most used words online today are: “crisis”, “war”, “climate”, “inflation” and “recession”. In this context, I decided to stop writing, as blogging won’t save the world, my hopes are fading and I find it hard to try to motivate others when myself I don’t believe anymore that saving the planet and wildlife sits with individual people.

A crisis is imminent, sooner or later, and maybe a big one will save us from ourselves, as we couldn’t change or act to avoid it. It will be hard, but there are things you can do to go through easier, this is:

  • Stay informed, find your reliable source of information and try to stay ahead of events. Separate fiction/fake from reality, think for yourself, don’t let various media channels sell you all kind of bullshit info that serves interest of elites or politicians war games. Don’t let anyone manipulate your own personal opinion, speak-up for what you truly believe!
  • When preparing for climate change, doing alternative sessions of sauna and cold water will have you better prepared for outside temperatures
  • Eat healthy, stay fit – remember, health is freedom, and gives you better chance of survival, or at least you will enjoy much more your daily life, the biggest gift ever. Walking, sun-light and fresh air are still free, remember…
  • Try to review your diet, try fasting – a great mental exercise first of all, with allegedly great health benefits
  • If you took care to save for retirement, review your portfolio e.g. as of today Facebook shares dropped -40% during last 6 months, but some food companies increased +20%. Or even better, maybe having your own garden may prove best investment – did you know that during the 2nd world war Nazi almost 3 years blockade of Saint Petersburg (Russia), people blocked in the city grew vegetables on all green spaces, which saved many from starvation?
  • Spend time in nature and do visit the proximity wildlife sanctuaries, the last hope for fellow species survival! You will contribute this way to saving the great and diverse genetic pool of this wonderful planet!
  • Review all your priorities in life

Thanks to all of you for following my blog, and lets hope things wont be that bad, but even if nothing bad happens and humans will find a last minute miracle solution, if you follow the above guidance, you only have to gain from it, time invested will pay-off by itself, with high happiness dividends!

Yours sincerely,

Dan – a Wildlife fan

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