This is a blog about wildlife for wildlife lovers!

Anyone having a photo camera, or a mobile phone device, and by chance captures a glimpse of wilderness in one of their trips, can become a wildlife reporter by sending the picture at wildlifenewsreport@gmail.com, together with details of location/date/narrative, and I promise this will be reviewed and shared with the community through the means of this blog! This action can help asses the state of wildlife in the 21st century, create a friendship group around a topic of common interest and also help increase awareness of the public on this topic for education purposes! And of course getting the pleasure of discovering wild animals in different habitats and locations of the world!

Needless to highlight the emergency that wildlife is now facing to avoid complete extinction, and this type of initiative is the minimum each of us can do to educate, increase awareness of the public, help people start developing the needed conscience and compassion, and thus help preventing such terrible probability from happening! With a growing human population and related human activity and ever increasing pressure on natural resources, the fate of many species depends now on the willingness and skills of human stewards to finesses a delicate equilibrium between predators, prey, plants and ourselves!

One way you can help is by visiting national parks! In a global system where everything is measured in monetary terms, the best realistic chance of wildlife to survive on long term is in national parks, and as long as these parks can sustain the human population living around them with jobs and salaries, they will be protected from both hunting activity or urbanization, for future generations! People learn to value nature by interacting with the world in which they are born and grow up. When that world includes national parks, intact forests and charismatic species, these become treasures. Otherwise, like the woolly mammoth and other already extinct wild species, they fade until not even a sense of loss remains.

Another way to help is to educate your consumption habits, learn if what you consume on daily basis is wildlife and environment friendly (you may start on this blog hereby @ ECO) and stay informed on latest developments and on what experts have to say ( @ FACTS). Influence your family and friends to follow this way of life as well!

The wildlife is counting on you!


Dan Cristian Dumitrescu, Nov 2016


email: wildlifenewsreport@gmail.com


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  1. Browsed around on your blog and there is so much to enjoy. I look forward to follow you and see more of your great photography! Thank you for following me. A few times a year I do post about wildlife and traveling. I try to leave comments but do not always have the time but be assured I do look at your blog! cheers from Ohio. Johanna

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  2. So glad you are dedicating time and space to write about wildlife. And so glad you have decided to follow our blog, Oh, the Places We See. Looking forward to more of what you put out — and here’s hoping you enjoy following us in our travels, too. — Bert and Rusha Sams

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