If you read the headlines today, it is hard to find something positive, and most probably the most used words online today are: “crisis”, “war”, “climate”, “inflation” and “recession”. In this context, I decided to stop writing, as blogging won’t save the world, my hopes are fading and I find it hard to try to motivate others when myself I don’t believe anymore that saving the planet and wildlife sits with individual people.

A crisis is imminent, sooner or later, and maybe a big one will save us from ourselves, as we couldn’t change or act to avoid it. It will be hard, but there are things you can do to go through easier, this is:

  • Stay informed, find your reliable source of information and try to stay ahead of events. Separate fiction/fake from reality, think for yourself, don’t let various media channels sell you all kind of bullshit info that serves interest of elites or politicians war games. Don’t let anyone manipulate your own personal opinion, speak-up for what you truly believe!
  • When preparing for climate change, doing alternative sessions of sauna and cold water will have you better prepared for outside temperatures
  • Eat healthy, stay fit – remember, health is freedom, and gives you better chance of survival, or at least you will enjoy much more your daily life, the biggest gift ever. Walking, sun-light and fresh air are still free, remember…
  • Try to review your diet, try fasting – a great mental exercise first of all, with allegedly great health benefits
  • If you took care to save for retirement, review your portfolio e.g. as of today Facebook shares dropped -40% during last 6 months, but some food companies increased +20%. Or even better, maybe having your own garden may prove best investment – did you know that during the 2nd world war Nazi almost 3 years blockade of Saint Petersburg (Russia), people blocked in the city grew vegetables on all green spaces, which saved many from starvation?
  • Spend time in nature and do visit the proximity wildlife sanctuaries, the last hope for fellow species survival! You will contribute this way to saving the great and diverse genetic pool of this wonderful planet!
  • Review all your priorities in life

Thanks to all of you for following my blog, and lets hope things wont be that bad, but even if nothing bad happens and humans will find a last minute miracle solution, if you follow the above guidance, you only have to gain from it, time invested will pay-off by itself, with high happiness dividends!

Yours sincerely,

Dan – a Wildlife fan

Happy Holidays and a Wiser New Year 2022!

Happy Holidays for all wildlife fans around the world, may these days bring peace in your homes and hearts!

I wish I was more optimistic on the year to come and make some specific wishes, but it is more and more difficult every year! What will the future hold? Have we crossed the tipping point? Will we ever be able to reverse these trends?

Probably not a worry for my generation, looking around me…still, expect the un-expected, in terms of what each year might bring, starting 2022! Be ready, be adaptive and never forget the fellow species that need our attention more than ever, don’t get distracted by more Covid and inflation news, not more than we should or else…

Wish you a Wise New Year 2022!

2020 summer

For those like me who cannot travel to their favorite wild places this year, due to Covid or other restrictions, take your time reviewing the past journeys and think where will you go next, when circumstances allow!

Remember many national parks rely on income from tourism, and although travel itself is not very climate friendly (unless close to area where you live), the longer-term existence of these wild places depends on your visit! It is very important to maintain such samples of unspoiled nature, to allow many emblematic species to survive, and hopefully one day, to roam again their natural extended territories, when people have become wise enough to learn to coexist with other species!

Enjoy a wonderful summer, stay positive!


PS. Picture taken in August 2015, in Alaska

Happy International Day of Forests!

Enjoy a very special day, the Day of Forests, celebrated today around the World! If man is to find inspiration and wisdom, that is likely to come through reflection, in the natural environment, where time slows down, the pace of life is back into normality and all senses are coming alive, re-activated by nature’s voices and smells! A feeling of scope and priority is born, our lives are mentally reviewed, and desire to change and improve will come! There is no better way for one to reflect at own existence and place in Nature and the Universe, then in a natural pristine forest! While you take the path (!in the countries where going out is still possible today ref. the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions!), make sure you wear a binocular, you may be awarded some beautiful sights and memories of fellow species, with whom we once shared this home – the forest! Enjoy an unforgettable day with your self-conscience in the Forest! And for the ones of you locked at home (ref. Covid-19 movement restrictions), don’t miss the chance as well to reflect at what is really of importance to you, to the planet, and make a pledge to come a step closer to natural world and chose how to do it, could be through your daily behavior, adopting a more sustainable way of life, or making your voice heard in protecting nature and all its species from today’s economic system and its nature-destroying practices, before it is too late!


Famous quote to remember: “Destroying rainforest for economic gain is like burning Renaissance painting to cook a meal” – Edward O. Wilson

Happy World Wildlife Day 2020!

Happy World Wildlife Day 2020, to all Wildlife and Nature lovers around the World! As a new decade has started, find a way to contribute to saving Earth’s species before it is too late, as their remaining wild habitat is under threat from a man-made ever stronger phenomenon, the climate change! Massive wildfires are ravaging through wild country, every time extending more North, destroying the last home of very iconic species and the last genuine ecosystems! Wildlife is counting on you to make a difference! You may find some guidance on how to be a better global citizen at the ECO section of this blog, but feel free to find your own way!

aer zubr

Happy International Day of Forests!

Because there cannot be genuine Wildlife and Nature without Forests, nor a healthy ecosystem from which we are part of, as every year, lets take the time today to remember and contemplate The International Day of Forests! If your are in Northern hemisphere, this time of year is best to put your tracking shoes and go search the arrival spring season where it is most spectacular, in an authentic blooming forest, you will never feel more alive! And where-ever you are around the world, remember the Forest was once our home, and even today is best remedy against day to day stress and body and mind peace and balance! Alone in the woods, you enter in communion with fellow Homo sapiens through the ages! Therefore, enjoy the day, and don’t forget to protect the Forest, starting by being a responsible consumer in today society, this is the very minimum each can do (some tips to start with on our blog on ECO page)!


Happy World Wildlife Day 2019!

A Day like no other, a Day to remember this is not a story only about us, a Day to be humble, embrace and admire nature, with its most wonderful creations: thousands and thousands of different species, each unique in its own way, which make this world so special, and it is worth every bit to fight preserving it: wild and unspoiled! Happy World Wildlife Day 2019, for all of you around the world, who give your time and passion to admire and learn more about Wildlife!