The common Roe Deer

Few words about one of the most common wildlife in rural and wild Europe, the roe deer, a familiar sight close to villages and agricultural fields.

Only the males have antlers, which fall every year, and can be sometimes found in the forests. When the male’s antlers begin to regrow, they are covered in a thin layer of velvet-like fur which disappears later on after the hair’s blood supply is lost. Males may speed up the process by rubbing their antlers on trees, so that their antlers are hard and stiff for the duels during the mating season. Unlike most cervids, roe deer begin regrowing antlers almost immediately after they are shed.

coarne caprior

The roe deer is spread in most of Europe, as well as Caucas, and its conservation status is LC (Least Concern), although too often the fall victims of poaching, for meat.


One thought on “The common Roe Deer

  1. Here in the States (and likely there too) the deer seem to prefer rubbing their antlers on young trees, which is a particular problem for young fruit trees. We have to keep ours encircled in a wire protection.

    I did not know why the fuzziness of the antlers went away. Interesting.

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